Where are the products made? 

The products were made in Brooklyn, in Manhattan and now in Paris 


Who makes the products?

A factory based in Brooklyn and the founder Diane, now based in Paris.


What does hand made means?

It means that each item is sewn by real people who use their hands to manipulate the fabric and to sew with sewing machines. The products are not made by automated robots or machines. It also means that each items is specifically cared for, and hence unique.


What does five/eleven means?

It means Diane's (the founder) day and month of birth. 


Where do the fabrics and trims come from?

All the fabrics and trims are carefully selected from reknown houses in France, Belgium, England, the US, and Japan. 


Can I use the photos from this website?

All pictures from this website are the ownership of five/eleven. You can not use them freely. If you are insterested in using some pictures please send an email to info@fiveleven.com 


What are the shipping rates? 

For more information on shipping rates please see the SHIPPING section in the footer of this website.


How do I do if I want to return an item? 

For more details on returns please see the RETURNS section in the footer of this website.


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